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  • ACGG Amiga Sommarhack 2021
    Small Amiga Meeting in Skutskär, Sweden
  • Sommarhack 2021
    Small Atari Party
  • Edison 2021
    Demoparty in Stockholm or Online depending on the COVID-19 situation
  • Gubbdata 2021
    Gubbdata 2021 will unfortunately be online, and streamed, just like last year. ATM we have no way of knowing how the laws and regulations will be this summer, so we decided to do it this way. Help us make it as wonderful as last year! I will post here and on Demozoo for updates. The […]
  • Lost Party 2021
    The party for different 8-bit platforms, such as Atari, Amstrad with compos
  • NOVA 2021
  • Assembly Winter Online 2021
    This winter, during the 3-week 24/7h broadcast we will be showing you best of the awesome entries from Assembly Demoscene competitions over the years! Also other demoscene content will be offered in volume! Demoscene competitions are traditionally the heart of Assembly Summer, but last year we brought demoscene content and compos to our winter event […]
  • Outline 2021
  • Shadow Party 2021
    french Online demoparty for our pleasure 🙂 Maybe physical place available if sanitary conditions are met !
  • onScene 2021
    It’s 2021, and Revision is cancelled, and looked like we are expected to spend another Easter weekend at home. It’s clear that a packed on-site event like Revision on its full scale wasn’t doable by April, so no hard feelings there. However, we believe that with a lower number of visitors combined with an over-sized […]
  • Transmission64 Online 2021
    READY. █ We are. Are you?
  • Revision 2021 Online
    As in 2020, we will bring the fullest possible Revision experience straight to your screens, chairs, sofas, beds and any other imaginable locations!
  • The Gathering 2021 Online
    Norways biggest LAN party will be Online this year too with some compos and be back physical in 2022
  • Lovebyte Demoparty 2021
    Join us in a celebration of the smallest with a dedicated sizecoding demoparty/event, held on the weekend of 12-14th march 2021. We’ll be online streaming with different size competitions from the smallest to the even smaller. From 256 pixel graphics and nanogame competitions to bytebeat music competition. Or what about cool size-coded related seminars to […]
  • KansasFest 2021
    Apple II Week Meetup in the US
  • Forndata Summer 2021
    Forndata Summer, Online or on place in Gotland?
  • Assembly 2021
    Event scheduled for these dates; however Covid situation should be watched. Updates will be posted here and Assembly’s webpage (assembly.org)
  • Flashback 20/20
    We are very happy to announce that Flashback 20/20 featuring Amiga 35 will host it’s very own demoparty! Two days to explore escapades of creative computing underground and how the demoscene contributed to the retro-computing history. The DESiRE team and friends are proud to have their own little demo cave at Flashback 20/20 and allow […]
  • Jumalauta 21 years
    Longest running birthday demoparty is back again! This time the party will be in a new location! Stay tuned for more announcements and infos in Q2/2021. The announcement of the location will come later. You will have time to make plans, provided it is possible to attend in person, depending on restrictions.
  • Hashembly Winter 2021
    So we are going to do some skiing and dying at Himos