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  • @Party 2020, june, 12th - 14th, US
    date: june, 12th - 14th country: US »To support further necessary social distancing measures, we regret to inform you that we will be unable to host @party 2020 in person. But do not despair, all is not lost! We already accept remote entries and host a live stream. So now all entries will be remote […]
  • Chaos Constructions 2020, august, 22nd - 23rd, RU
    date: august, 22nd - 23rd country: RU
  • Outline 2020, november, 6th - 9th, NL
    date: november, 6th - 9th country: NL »Outline was born in 2004 as an Atari only party. Since 2006 the party welcomes sceners from all platforms to join the competitions, enjoy the many liveacts and (usually) sunny weather, all while being served fine drinks and food at non-commercial prices.«
  • MountainBytes 2021, february, 19th - 21st, CH
    date: february, 19th - 21st country: CH »WE ARE BACK. After a six-year break, Echtzeit and the organizers of Buenzli/Demodays are finally continuing the Swiss Demoparty-tradition. Stay tuned for more information as well as the invitation later this year. There will be snow (visible on the mountain peaks in the distance), there will be old […]
  • Deadline 2020, october, 2nd - 4th, DE
    date: october, 2nd - 4th country: DE »Your favorite Deadline will return and will happen from 2nd to 4th October 2020, for the 7th time! As in the last years the party will happen in the faboulous industrial ORWOhaus location. As usual we will have: * space for up to 200 visitors * high quality […]
  • Assembly Summer Fall 2020, october, 15th - august, 18th, FI
    date: october, 15th - august, 18th country: FI
  • Underground Conference 10, july, 9th - 12th, DE
    date: july, 9th - 12th country: DE »After half a year of love-cockfighting to get the location again after this years excess (complaints from a famous German TV cook not being able to land his helicopter as our main hall tent on his landing pad came as a surprise to him...) we've made it to […]
  • Jumalauta 20 years, september, 18th - 20th, FI
    date: september, 18th - 20th country: FI »Longest running Birthday party & Demoparty is back with a vengeance. Come and celebrate! Tickets and infos and shizzle will come on spring 2020!«
  • Sommarhack 2020, july, 4th, SE
    date: july, 4th country: SE
  • Lost Party 2020, july, 9th - 12th, PL
    date: july, 9th - 12th country: PL »The party for different 8-bit platforms, such as Atari, Amstrad«
  • Edison 2020, july, 3rd - 5th, SE
    date: july, 3rd - 5th country: SE
  • Gubbdata 2020, june, 26th - 28th, SE
    date: june, 26th - 28th country: SE »C64 party. Because of limited space, the party is invitation only, but the compos will be streamed and we do accept remote entries! We will even mail you your prize if you win anything with a remote entry, just like last year. Remote entries can be mailed to […]
  • NOVA 20, june, 19th - 21st, GB
    date: june, 19th - 21st country: GB
  • Xenium 2020, august, 28th - 30th, PL
    date: august, 28th - 30th country: PL »The biggest Polish multiplatform demoparty comes back with the 2020 edition!«
  • Solskogen 2020, july, 10th - 12th, NO
    date: july, 10th - 12th country: NO
  • Flashback 20/20, september, 12th - 13th, NL
    date: september, 12th - 13th country: NL »We are very happy to announce that Flashback 20/20 featuring Amiga 35 will host it’s very own demoparty! Two days to explore escapades of creative computing underground and how the demoscene contributed to the retro-computing history. The DESiRE team and friends are proud to have their own little […]
  • Flashparty online 2020, july, 17th - 18th, AR
    date: july, 17th - 18th country: AR »This year we dodge coronavirus by making Flashparty online! Starting july 10th, you can start preparing your entries which we're eager to show to the whole world! 🙂 There's also going to be live streamed performances for you to enjoy. For more info check our website!«
  • Inércia Demoparty, october, 2nd - 5th, PT
    date: october, 2nd - 5th country: PT
  • Nordlicht 2020, july, 17th - 19th, DE
    date: july, 17th - 19th country: DE »In summer 2020, get ready to embark on a journey aboard the Nordlicht train to experience breathtaking digital landscapes of the Demoscene! We'll be stopping at famous landmarks such as the OLD- and NEWSCHOOL CITY, TINY INTRO LAND, PHOTO and MUSIC VALLEY and the WILD countryside. And of […]
  • GLiTCH 2020, october, 9th - 11th, SK
    date: october, 9th - 11th country: SK »Demobit presents: GLiTCH art festival. A creative festival with demoscene events but also a focus on synth-wave music acts, comics culture, retro/indie gaming, etc.«