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  • Assembly Winter 2023
    Date 23rd - 26th February 2023 Country Finland 🇫🇮 Location Helsingin Messukeskus Helsinki
  • Lovebyte 2023
    Date 10th - 12th February 2023 Type Online Demoparty Claim «Back by dope demand» The biggest party with the tiniest productions is back again! Join us in a celebration of the smallest with a dedicated sizecoding demoparty/event, held on the weekend of 10-12th February 2023 on Discord and Twitch. We’ll be online streaming Intro competitions […]
  • Fjälldata 2023
    Date 10th - 12th February 2023 Country Sweden 🇸🇪 Location Östersund Claim «abnorm konstform i snöstorm» Platforms C64 Commodore 64 demoparty in Svenska Fjällen
  • Amiga Ireland 2023
    Date 13th - 14th January 2023 Country Ireland 🇮🇪 Location The Sheraton Hotel Athlone Platforms Amiga
  • Gerp 2023
    Date 20th - 22nd January 2023 Country Sweden 🇸🇪 Location Skövde Kulturhus Skövde
  • Ski or Death 2023
    Date 17th - 19th March 2023 Country Finland 🇫🇮 Location Himos-Yhyiöt Jämsä Claim «ARE YOU WANNA DIE?!?!»
  • Syntax Society Julparty 2022
    Date 2nd - 4th December 2022 Country Sweden 🇸🇪 Location Syntax Society, Landskrona Landskrona Platforms Amiga Syntax Society Xmas Party 2022 Amiga and Christmas
  • Skrolli Party 2023
    Date 2023 Country Finland 🇫🇮
  • ACGG Vinterhack 2023
    Date 5th - 8th January 2023 Country Sweden 🇸🇪 ACGG Amiga Vinterhack 2023
  • Zenta 2022
    Date 27th - 30th December 2022 Country Germany 🇩🇪 Location Palazzo Bingen am Rhein Claim «The once-in-lifetime post-christmas demoparty» It’s a tradition to have a demoparty between Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Germany - this once used to be named “TuM”, followed by “Under Construction”. However, for 2022 there will be a short interlude […]
  • Listenbourg Scene Demo Music Competition
    Date 29th - 30th December 2022 Type Online Demoparty Inércia might be over but our neighbours in Listenbourg are now hosting their first ever tracked music competition and the entire Inércia Demoparty organization has commited to giving them our total support and help them organize the event! We are also donating the trophies of our […]
  • Posadas Party Autumn Edition 2022
    Date 8th - 11th December 2022 Country Spain 🇪🇸 Location Auditorio Municipal de Posadas Platforms Amiga
  • Silly Venture 2022 WE
    Date 8th - 11th December 2022 Country Poland 🇵🇱 Location Gdansk Gdansk Claim «let's play Pong!»
  • Transmission64 2022 Fall Edition
    Date 3rd - 4th December 2022 Type Online Demoparty Claim «3rd Transmission 64 Online Commodore 64 Party» Platforms C64 3rd Transmission 64 Online Commodore 64 Demoparty T64.3
  • MountainBytes 2023
    Date 24th - 26th February 2023 Country Switzerland 🇨🇭 Location Lorzensaal Cham Successor to Buenzli and Demodays, MountainBytes brings Switzerland back on the demoparty map!
  • DiHalt 2023
    Date 5th - 7th January 2023 Country Russia 🇷🇺 Location Country Cottage Nizhny Novgorod DiHalt 2023
  • Instanssi 2023
    Date 2nd - 5th March 2023 Country Finland 🇫🇮 Location Jyväskylä Demoparty in Finland
  • JML Färjan 2023
    Date 6th - 8th January 2023 Country Finland 🇫🇮 Location Helsinki Jumalauta will be cruising this time from Helsinki to Stockholm and back. Come and experience demoparty in the nemesis vessel of o.g. färjan: SILJA LINE. Binding registrations to join the party here:
  • The Gathering 2023
    Date 5th - 9th April 2023 Country Norway 🇳🇴 Location The Vikingship Hamar LAN party in Norway with some Demoscene stuff
  • Demoscensklubben Stockholm - November 2022
    Date 28th November 2022 Country Sweden 🇸🇪 Location Sjätte Tunnan Stockholm Demosceneclub watching demos in Stockholm